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Leave the anxiety of traditional transportation behind and embark on the ultimate vacation escapade with our street-legal golf cart rentals – the ideal way to discover the natural beauty and local hotspots of the Emerald Coast. Equipped with a Bluetooth 8-speaker soundbar with LED lighting, and undercarriage LED lighting, our golf carts provide the ultimate cruising journey.

Our 2023 electric street-legal golf carts are powered by super-efficient and eco-friendly lithium batteries, providing a quiet and smooth ride that will have you cruising in style throughout your vacation. We offer complimentary delivery and pick-up to your vacation rental, making it easy to focus on what really matters: spending quality time with your loved ones.

Reserve your golf cart rental with us today and discover the freedom, convenience, and joy of exploring the stunning Emerald Coast on your own terms.

Golf Cart Features:

  • Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar with LED Lighting and 500 Watts of Peak Power
    • Sync via your phone and control the vibe as you explore the local hot spots
  • Undercarriage LED lighting
    • Download the free app and you control the undercarriage LED lights
  • Lithium battery – why?
    • Performance: Lithium-powered LSVs have higher torque and acceleration
    • Range: Lithium-powered LSVs have a significantly longer range than traditional batteries
    • Charge time: Lithium-powered LSVs have a shorter time to charge
    • Quiet operation: Lithium-powered LSVs produce less noise, making them more peaceful and pleasant 
    • Eco-friendliness: Lithium-powered LSVs produce zero emissions
  • Adjustable front seat
    • We understand folks come in all sizes and want you to be comfortable driving our carts
  • Extended long top roof
    • The roof is extended over the third row of seats to provide maximum coverage/protection from the elements
  • 8 inch LCD display with backup camera
  • USB chargers
    • Two USB chargers on every cart for charging convenience
  • Rear flip seat with cooler/storage
    • All of our carts have a cooler/storage under the third row seating
    • The third row seat can fold flat to carry your beach gear
  • Upgraded 14” wheels with 24” tires
    • Provides maximum ride comfort and visibility
Golf Cart Parking Only

Golf Cart Safety & Rules

At ECPR, we prioritize your safety, and we want you to have an enjoyable experience while driving our street legal golf carts, also known as Low Speed Vehicles(LSVs). To ensure that you have a safe trip, we kindly ask you to follow some safety basics that we have compiled for you.

First and foremost, we only allow drivers who are 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license to drive our golf carts. Additionally, all drivers must have valid insurance for their own safety and the safety of others. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.

image of a street sign stating "Buckle up - it's the law"

When driving our LSV, please make sure to only carry the number of passengers for which you have seats and/or seatbelts. Children under the age of 3 are required to ride in a car seat, while those 4 and up must sit in their own seat with a seatbelt. It is recommended that children use a booster seat, but it’s not required. They are not allowed to ride on adults’ laps. 

LSVs are not permitted on sidewalks, beaches, bike paths, grass, or over curbs. When adapting to different terrains, please use extra care and reduce speed when driving on poor conditions or surfaces, and avoid extremely rough terrain. Be aware that sudden stops or changes in direction could make you lose control of the cart. We ask that you refrain from off-road or reckless driving as sand can damage the cart’s motor.

While driving, please obey and follow all traffic rules, stick to posted public roads with a speed limit of 35 mph or less and avoid using the golf cart on Emerald Coast Parkway (Highway 98). Ensure that the direction selector (forward/reverse) is in the correct position before accelerating. Always bring the cart to a full stop before shifting the direction selector and slow down before and during turns. It is also important to check behind you before operating the cart in reverse, and always yield to pedestrians. Pets are not allowed in the golf cart.

Use headlights at night to improve visibility. Avoid placing chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc. on the roof of the cart as it may obstruct the driver’s view and potentially fall off. LSVs can be parked in any spot a car would park, but be mindful of where you park the cart as any parking tickets or citations will be billed to the primary driver. When not in use, please keep the cart plugged in to ensure it is fully charged for your next use. 

image of a street sign stating "speed limit 35"
a street sign stating "no cell phone use when operating a motor vehicle, it's the law"

Using your cellphone while driving the LSV is prohibited. It’s also important to note that drinking alcohol while operating the golf cart or use of drugs is strictly prohibited. We kindly ask that you keep in mind that you can receive a DUI for driving under the influence or having open containers. Your safety and the safety of those around you is our top priority, so please be sure to follow these guidelines.

In the event of an accident, contact 911 immediately. Once it is safe and secure, contact your primary insurance company as soon as possible to report a claim. Any damage to the cart must be immediately reported to ECPR as well. As the renter, you are responsible for any and all damages that occur while the cart is in your possession.

We want you to have a fun and safe experience while driving our carts, and following these safety basics will help ensure that. Your safety is our top priority, and we are always here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Click here to review the official guidelines issued by local law enforcement relative to driving LSVs on public roads.

a street sign stating "don't drink and drive"

Restricted Neighborhoods

Please ensure that you are aware of the specific restrictions on golf cart rentals in certain neighborhoods. To guarantee a hassle-free and memorable experience, we highly recommend confirming with your property manager before making the final reservation for your golf cart rental. This way, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your rental will be permitted in your desired destination.

It is important to note that refunds will not be provided if you are unable to utilize your rental due to restrictions imposed by the neighborhood.

Please be advised that we are unable to offer golf cart rentals for the following communities due to their restrictions:

  • Rosemary Beach
  • Alys Beach
  • Prominence
  • Watersound
  • Seaside
  • Watercolor
  • Sandestin

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, so it is advisable to consult your property manager prior to finalizing your rental.

a street sign stating "no golf carts allowed"

Cancellation / Refund / Inclement Weather Policy

Either party may terminate this rental agreement at any time by providing written notice of cancellation to the other party. In the event of cancellation by the customer, a refund of any prepaid rental fees will be made based on the following schedule:

  • Golf Cart Rental orders canceled more than three weeks prior to the start date will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel between one week and three weeks of the start date, you will be refunded 50% of the total amount paid.
  • If you cancel within one week of the start date, no refunds or credits can be offered

Emerald Coast Premier Rentals reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time for any reason, including but not limited to failure to comply with the rental terms and conditions, or due to unsafe or illegal use of the golf cart. In the event Emerald Coast Premier Rentals cancels your rental prior to the rental start date, any prepaid rental fees will be refunded in full to the customer.

Golf Cart Rental Agreement

Frequently asked questions

LSV stands for Low-Speed Vehicle (street-legal golf cart).

LSVs, or Low-Speed Vehicles, comply with Florida State DMV regulations and are equipped with additional safety features such as seatbelts, headlights, brake, turn signals, reflex reflectors, and side mirrors. These features allow LSVs to be fully street legal and operate on public roads with speed limits of 35mph or less. LSVs are also required to carry registration and license plates. In contrast, golf carts that are not LSVs, are not street legal and are only permitted to operate on private roads within private communities. These golf carts often lack the necessary safety features required for street-legal operation.

Certainly, all the golf carts available for rent at Emerald Coast Premier Rentals are LSVs, which implies that they are all street legal and can be legally driven on public roads.

All our golf carts are fully electric and can be charged by plugging them into any standard outlet. To make it even more convenient, we provide a 50-foot extension cord along with all rentals.

You can park it wherever a regular car is allowed to park. While some shops, restaurants and beach accesses have designated parking spots for golf carts, if they’re all taken, you can park in a regular car space.

You can differentiate between a public and private road by looking at the color of the street sign. If the street sign is green, it indicates that it’s a county-maintained road, which is a public road. However, if the street sign is blue, it suggests that it’s a private road.

Parking your golf cart outside in the rain should not cause any damage to it, and you can rinse it off with a water hose if needed.  To avoid any issues, it’s best to avoid driving the cart in rainy conditions.

You don’t have to clean the cart before it’s picked up as we’ll handle that for you. However, please ensure to take out any personal items and debris from the cart beforehand.

We accept all major credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard, Discover).  No checks.

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